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DISCO-L475VG-IOT01A board and mbed-os 5.12.1 with OnLine compiler

The compiler works without error, but the linker gets this fatal error about 80% of the time. If the linker does pass, the L475VG immediately gets a runtime error. 5.12.0 does not do this.

Linker fatal warning:

Error: Warning: L3912W: Option 'legacyalign' is deprecated.
Info: Unable to download. Fix the reported errors...

runtime error:

++ MbedOS Error Info ++
Error Status: 0x80FF013D Code: 317 Module: 255
Error Message: Fault exception
Location: 0x8028249
Error Value: 0x8009F76
Current Thread: main  Id: 0x10003E94 Entry: 0x802851D StackSize: 0x1000 StackMem: 0x10001B08 SP: 0x20017F18
For more info, visit: https://mbed.com/s/error?error=0x80FF013D&tgt=DISCO_L475VG_IOT01A
-- MbedOS Error Info --

= System will be rebooted due to a fatal error =
= Reboot count(=132) reached maximum, system will halt after rebooting =
++ MbedOS Fault Handler ++


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Hi Kevin,

I apologize for the inconvenience.

You seems have the same issue as this user have.


I have raised a ticket internally and will get back to you as it is fixed.


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I will close this then...


posted by Kevin Braun 19 Apr 2019