- ANALOG METER, initial offering - Emulation of an analog/mechanical meter using the SPI TFT display \"http://mbed.org/cookbook/SPI-driven-QVGA-TFT\" (touch not used) Meter takes an integer number from 0 - 100 and uses that number to position the meter\'s needle - An additional auto-scaling feature allows for + floating numbers from 0.0 - 10000.0 in \"NewfNumb\" Scaling is noted two ways a. Color of the meter body changes b. A text scale factor is displayed in the upper, right-hand corner, near the full scale reading Value of \"NewfNumb\" Meter_Body Scale_Factor < -0.0 Blue 0 0.1 - 9.9 Green x1 10.0 - 99.0 Yellow x10 100.0 - 999.0 Orange x100 1000.0 - 9990.0 Red x1k >= 10000.0 Red peg! - If NewfNumb is > 600.0, a flashing yellow warning message appears in the center of the meter movement - The date and time are displayed in the lower right corner of the display - The value of NewfNumb being shown in the movement is also displayed in the lower left coener of the display - A timer ISR automatically updates the meter\'s movement Other Stuff: - Additional demo test program, walks analog meter up and down through all auto scales by manipulating the value of NewfNumb - USB serial port used to dump a few messages. Not needed, set to 921600 BAUD - LED1 slowly gets brighter and dimmer as main loop runs - If for some reason, the \"MeterNumber\" int register ends up >100 or <0, a Purple display appears at 50% movement with a \"bad#\" scale factor - There is NO provision for setting the RTC. Note that TimeZone and DST are added to the RTC number

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