Dependents of Motordriver

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

test script for motordriver. correct results are in the comments.
First program to demonstrate a working robot. crude and ugly, basicly a smoke test.
this is most recent published version of the mbed robots software, demonstrating object avoidance, and some logo based control functions.
The iPod controller that I submitted for the mbed challenge fader, I2C, iPod, LCD, median, Servo
Magician robot DC motor test demo DC, H-bridge, magician, motor, robot
Control a robot via a web browser, by routing the control signals via a web server. HTTPClient, wifi
Code to find max and avg deviation, max swing, or simple readings from a still HMC6352 compass. Can be used with motors to test error from magnetic interference.
Semi-Functional EtchSketch Smartbot code. Takes x/y values and draws with polar coords.
ORTP-L Sensor Test
ORTP-L Version 0.1
量産型スピナーのプログラムです。 IRC Helicopter "SWIFT" のPropoでコントロールします。
The Program derives motor bots getting instructions(speed, turn, stop,etc) from accelerometer.
Any changes are to allow conversion to BMP
andorid via mbed servo bediening
라인트레이서 동작 소스
Blue_tooth robot
Sparkfun Robot with Hall effect sensor and Bluetooth
Allows Magician Robot to run with Android Bluetooth app and wheel encoders to make wheel turn at the same time.
This program pairs with an Android app to control the Magician robot via bluetooth. No correction is done to ensure that the motors are equal speeds.
Reciever Mbed program for "Magician Mobile Robot Arm"
A WiFiDipCortex based robot. Control is via sockets over WiFi. See also: robo, robot, socket, wifi
Fork with some minor changes
Use the IMU to correct steering on the Sparkfun magician robot. Moreover, IR sensors will be used to avoid and navigate around obstacles.
part1 in progress
Use a simple iOS application to control a Magician Robot via Bluetooth LE. A virtual joystick is used on the iOS device to manipulate two differentially controlled PWM motors on …
Post-demo commit. Motor speeds and encoder threshold values reflect the non-linearity of our robot. Users should update motor speeds and encoder values to reflect their own robots. APDS-9960, Gesture, magician, Optical Wheel Encoder
Intermittent 4180 project
This is the mbed code for handling Wifi websocket control from a Python based Tornado Web Server.
IoT IR Distance Sensor Robot
A robot rover with distance sensing and audiovisual effects
IoT IR Distance Sensor Robot
A safe using the mbed, dc motor, solenoid, and more!