New version of quadcopter software written to OO principles

Dependencies:   mbed MODSERIAL filter mbed-rtos ConfigFile PID PPM FreeIMU_external_magnetometer TinyGPS

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for Quadcopter_mk2


AltitudeController.cpp [code]
AltitudeController.h [code]
BaseStation.cpp [code]
BaseStation.h [code]
ConfigFileWrapper.cpp [code]
ConfigFileWrapper.h [code]
FlightController.cpp [code]
FlightController.h [code]
Global.h [code]
Gps.cpp [code]
Gps.h [code]
Imu.cpp [code]
Imu.h [code]
Kalman.cpp [code]
Kalman.h [code]
LidarLitePwm.cpp [code]
LidarLitePwm.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
MotorMixer.cpp [code]
MotorMixer.h [code]
NavigationController.cpp [code]
NavigationController.h [code]
PidWrapper.cpp [code]
PidWrapper.h [code]
RateController.cpp [code]
RateController.h [code]
Rc.cpp [code]
Rc.h [code]
Sensors.cpp [code]
Sensors.h [code]
StabController.cpp [code]
StabController.h [code]
Status.cpp [code]
Status.h [code]
StatusLights.cpp [code]
StatusLights.h [code]