Port of TI's CC3100 Websock camera demo. Using FreeRTOS, mbedTLS, also parts of Arducam for cams ov5642 and 0v2640. Can also use MT9D111. Work in progress. Be warned some parts maybe a bit flacky. This is for Seeed Arch max only, for an M3, see the demo for CM3 using the 0v5642 aducam mini.

Dependencies:   mbed

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for cc3100_Test_websock_Camera_CM4F


HttpRequest A structure to hold all data about an HTTP request Note: The request's resource string is not passed as part of this structure, but rather directly to the Http*_InitRequest() function
md5_context MD5 context structure
md_context_t Generic message digest context
md_info_t Message digest information
ripemd160_context RIPEMD-160 context structure
sha1_context SHA-1 context structure
sha256_context SHA-256 context structure
sha512_context SHA-512 context structure
tSimpleLinkSpawnMsg Structure definition for simple link spawn message


app_config.h [code]
base64.cpp [code]
base64.h [code]
camera_app.cpp [code]
camera_app.h [code]
cc3100.cpp [code]
cc3100.h [code]
cc3100_driver.cpp [code]
cc3100_driver.h [code]
cc3100_fs.cpp [code]
cc3100_fs.h [code]
cc3100_netapp.cpp [code]
cc3100_netapp.h [code]
cc3100_netcfg.cpp [code]
cc3100_netcfg.h [code]
cc3100_nonos.cpp [code]
cc3100_nonos.h [code]
cc3100_objInclusion.h [code]
cc3100_protocol.h [code]
cc3100_simplelink.h [code]
cc3100_sl_common.h [code]
cc3100_socket.cpp [code]
cc3100_socket.h [code]
cc3100_spawn.cpp [code]
cc3100_spawn.h [code]
cc3100_spi.cpp [code]
cc3100_spi.h [code]
cc3100_trace.h [code]
cc3100_user.h [code]
cc3100_wlan.cpp [code]
cc3100_wlan.h [code]
cc3100_wlan_rx_filters.h [code]
check_config.h [code] Consistency checks for configuration options
cli_uart.cpp [code]
cli_uart.h [code]
config.h [code] Configuration options (set of defines)
croutine.c [code]
croutine.h [code]
datatypes.h [code]
deprecated_definitions.h [code]
event_groups.c [code]
event_groups.h [code]
fPtr_func.cpp [code]
fPtr_func.h [code]
FreeRTOS.h [code]
FreeRTOSConfig.h [code]
heap_2.c [code]
HttpAuth.cpp [code]
HttpAuth.h [code]
HttpConfig.h [code]
HttpCore.cpp [code]
HttpCore.h [code]
HttpDebug.cpp [code]
HttpDebug.h [code]
HttpDynamic.cpp [code]
HttpDynamic.h [code]
HttpHeaders.h [code]
HttpRequest.h [code]
HttpResponse.h [code]
httpserverapp.cpp [code]
httpserverapp.h [code]
HttpSocket.cpp [code]
HttpSocket.h [code]
HttpStatic.cpp [code]
HttpStatic.h [code]
HttpString.cpp [code]
HttpString.h [code]
i2cconfig.cpp [code]
i2cconfig.h [code]
Led_config.cpp [code]
Led_config.h [code]
list.c [code]
list.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
md.c [code] Generic message digest wrapper for mbed TLS
md.h [code] Generic message digest wrapper
md5.c [code]
md5.h [code] MD5 message digest algorithm (hash function)
md_wrap.c [code] Generic message digest wrapper for mbed TLS
md_wrap.h [code] Message digest wrappers
mpu_wrappers.h [code]
mt9d111.cpp [code]
mt9d111.h [code]
myBoardInit.h [code]
osi.h [code]
osi_freertos.c [code]
ov2640.cpp [code]
ov2640.h [code]
ov2640_regs.h [code]
ov5642.cpp [code]
ov5642.h [code]
ov5642_regs.h [code]
platform.c [code]
platform.h [code] Mbed TLS Platform abstraction layer
port.c [code]
portable.h [code]
portmacro.h [code]
projdefs.h [code]
queue.c [code]
queue.h [code]
ripemd160.c [code]
ripemd160.h [code] RIPE MD-160 message digest
semphr.h [code]
sha1.c [code]
sha1.h [code] SHA-1 cryptographic hash function
sha1_gen.cpp [code]
sha1_gen.h [code]
sha256.c [code]
sha256.h [code] SHA-224 and SHA-256 cryptographic hash function
sha512.c [code]
sha512.h [code] SHA-384 and SHA-512 cryptographic hash function
StackMacros.h [code]
stm32f4xx_it.c [code] Interrupt Service Routines
stm32f4xx_it.h [code] This file contains the headers of the interrupt handlers
strlib.cpp [code]
strlib.h [code]
task.h [code]
tasks.c [code]
timers.c [code]
timers.h [code]
websocketapp.h [code]
WebSockHandler.cpp [code]
WebSockHandler.h [code]