Dependents of SimpleDMA

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

HelloWorld program showing SimpleDMA with mainly UART stuff DMA, KL25, SimpleDMA
Uses DMA to read/write SPI blocks, while putting the current thread in Wait state. DMA, rtos, SPI
Pinscape Controller version 1 fork. This is a fork to allow for ongoing bug fixes to the original controller version, from before the major changes for the expansion board project.
An input/output controller for virtual pinball machines, with plunger position tracking, accelerometer-based nudge sensing, button input encoding, and feedback device control.
Hi Shubham I am just using this to test PYLD code
Compression code changed and RLY_TMTC pointers managed
CDMS code for testing sbc
DMA for Science thread
DMA issue to be tested
publishing to check changes in cdms code
for frequency correction testing
To fix the hang problem
Repository for CDMS code
11th feb i2c checking chaitu's code
Test for the SimpleDMA library for KL46z
Template for advanced microcontrollers assignment 'DMA' 2017
Latest FM Code with EEPROM