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NFCEEPROM class hierarchy

An NFC EEPROM can store NDEF messages. You can use a smartphone access the message through the NFC interface the EEPROM exposes.

To use an NFC EEPROM, you must initiate the instance with a driver instance, an event queue and a scratch buffer for NDEF messages.

NFCEEPROM class reference

Data Structures
struct  Delegate
 The NFCEEPROM delegate. More...
Public Member Functions
 NFCEEPROM (NFCEEPROMDriver *driver, events::EventQueue *queue, const Span< uint8_t > &ndef_buffer)
 Construct a NFCEEPROM instance. More...
nfc_err_t initialize ()
 Initialize the NFC EEPROM. More...
void set_delegate (Delegate *delegate)
 Set the delegate that will receive events generated by this EEPROM. More...
virtual void write_ndef_message ()
 Write a NDEF message to the target. More...
virtual void read_ndef_message ()
 Read a NDEF message from the target. More...
virtual void erase_ndef_message ()
 Erase the NDEF message in the target. More...
virtual bool is_ndef_supported () const
 Check if this instance actually supports NDEF content. More...
Protected Member Functions
void parse_ndef_message (const ac_buffer_t &buffer)
 Parse a NDEF message. More...
void build_ndef_message (ac_buffer_builder_t &buffer_builder)
 Build NDEF message. More...
ndef_msg_tndef_message ()
 Retrieve underlying NDEF message instance. More...


 * Copyright (c) 2006-2020 Arm Limited and affiliates.
 * SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
#include "stdint.h"

#include "NFC.h"
#include "events/EventQueue.h"
#include "m24sr_driver.h"

static uint8_t ndef_buffer[1024] = {0};

int main()
    mbed::nfc::vendor::ST::M24srDriver m24sr_driver(D14, D15);
    events::EventQueue queue;
    mbed::nfc::NFCEEPROM nfc(&m24sr_driver, &queue, ndef_buffer);

    // ...

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