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Drivers APIs

Serial (UART) drivers

  • BufferedSerial: A class for serial data transfers so a device can interface with another device (such as sensors, printers or another board) to exchange data or to send text to be displayed on a text-based computer interface.
  • UnbufferedSerial: Similar to BufferedSerial, but intended for applications that are short of RAM and cannot afford buffering or that need more control of the serial port and use it from IRQ.

SPI drivers

  • QuadSPI (QSPI): Provides functionality to configure and access QSPI devices connected over a QuadSPI interface.
  • SPI: Communicate with SPI slave devices, such as FLASH memory, LCD screens and other modules or integrated circuits.
  • SPISlave: Communicate with a SPI master device.

Input/Output drivers

  • AnalogIn: Read an external voltage applied to an analog input pin.
  • AnalogOut: Set the output voltage of an analog output pin, specified as a percentage or as an unsigned short.
  • BusIn: Combine a number of DigitalIn pins to read them as a single interface instead of individually.
  • BusOut: Combine a number of DigitalOut pins to write them as a single interface instead of individually.
  • BusInOut: A bidirectional bus that supports up to 16 DigitalInOut pins that you can read and write as one value.
  • DigitalIn: Read the value of a digital input pin.
  • DigitalOut: Configure and control a digital output pin.
  • DigitalInOut: A bidirectional digital pin.
  • InterruptIn: Trigger an event when a digital input pin changes.
  • PortIn: Define which pins of a hardware GPIO port are set as an input and to read the value of those pins.
  • PortOut: Define which pins of a hardware GPIO port are set as an output and to write those pins.
  • PortInOut: Read and write an underlying GPIO port as one value.
  • PwmOut: Control the frequency and duty cycle of a PWM signal.

USB drivers

  • USBAudio: Send and receive audio data over USB.
  • USBCDC: Emulates a basic serial port over USB so you can send or receive data.
  • USBCDC_ECM: Emulates an Ethernet interface over USB so you can send and receive Ethernet frames.
  • USBHID: Turn an Mbed board into a Human Interface Device (HID) that can send and receive messages over USB.
  • USBKeyboard: Send key presses, check the status of control keys and send a key press sequences though a stream interface.
  • USBMIDI: Send and receive MIDI messages over USB using the standard USB-MIDI protocol.
  • USBMouse: Emulate a mouse over the USB port. You can choose relative or absolute coordinates and send clicks, button state and scroll wheel movements.
  • USBMouseKeyboard: Emulate a mouse and a keyboard at the same time so you can send both key presses and mouse movements.
  • USBMSD: Emulate a mass storage device to store or load data to and from a storage chip, such as SDcard or Flash.
  • USBSerial: Emulate a serial port over USB. You can use this serial port as an extra serial port or as a debug solution.

Other drivers

  • CAN: Controller-Area Network (CAN) is a bus standard that allows microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other without going through a host computer.
  • Flash IAP: Flash In-Application Programming (IAP) interfaces with the MCU's internal flash memory.
  • I2C: Communicate with I2C devices such as serial memories, sensors and other modules or integrated circuits. This class is for the I2C Master.
  • I2CSlave: Communicate with I2C Master devices.
  • MbedCRC: Provides support for Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) algorithms.
  • ResetReason: Fetch the reason the system restarted.
  • Watchdog: Set up a hardware timer that resets the system if it is not refreshed periodically.
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