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printf and reducing memory

The standard library family of printf (printf, sprintf, fprintf and so on) calls takes a lot of code space. This is because there are multiple format specifiers, and it is not possible to optimize the code at build time. Even a single printf call in your application pulls in the entire standard library.

A solution to reduce code space is to replace the standard printf calls with a smaller implementation.

Mbed OS provides the minimal-printf library, which offers a subset of the printf features (not all format specifiers are supported). You can also achieve further flash savings if your application does not require 64-bit integers or floating point printing.

For a memory footprint comparison between standard printf and minimal-printf, please see our Blinky size comparison.

To further reduce the memory footprint of applications that don't require file handling, enable the system I/O minimal console retarget. You can do this by enabling the configuration parameter platform.stdio-minimal-console-only. Please see the platform configuration reference for more information.

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