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Platform APIs


  • RTC: Mechanism to set the current time of the hardware Real-Time Clock (RTC).
  • Ticker: Set up a recurring interrupt.
  • Time: A group of functions in the standard library of the C programming language implementing date and time manipulation operations.
  • Timeout: Set up an interrupt to call a function after a specified delay.
  • Timer: Create, start, stop and read a stopwatch-like timer for measuring precise times.
  • Wait: wait_us and wait_ns functions that provide precise wait capabilities.


  • DeepSleepLock: Provides an RAII object for disabling sleep.
  • LowPowerTicker: Similar to the Ticker class but operates in deep sleep mode and has less resolution.
  • LowPowerTimeout: Set up an interrupt to call a function after a specified delay.
  • LowPowerTimer: Similar to the Timer class but operates in deep sleep mode.
  • Power management (sleep): Invokes sleep manager, which selects the most appropriate sleep mode.


Other Platform APIs

  • Assert: A set of macros that evaluate an expression and print an error message if the expression evaluates to false.
  • ATCmdParser: Parser and serializer for AT commands, which communicate with devices such as a modem, phone or Wi-Fi module.
  • Callback: A user provided function that a user may pass to an API. The callback allows the API to execute the user’s code in its own context.
  • CircularBuffer: Push and pop data from a buffer.
  • CriticalSectionLock: Access a resource without interruption.
  • Debug: Set of functions that you can use to output debug messages to STDIO at runtime.
  • Error handling: A platform service that provides error status definitions and APIs for error construction, reporting and retrieving previously reported errors.
  • FileHandle: An abstract class representing a device that supports file-like operations, such as read and write.
  • NonCopyable: Inherit from this class whenever another class is a resource or owns a resource (lock/hardware/file) that should or could not be copied.
  • PlatformMutex: Synchronize the execution of threads for drivers.
  • Poll: A set of functions that perform timed waits on one or more file handles.
  • ScopedRamExecutionLock: Enable execution from RAM.
  • ScopedRomWriteLock: Enable writing to ROM.
  • SharedPtr (Shared pointer): A "smart" pointer that retains ownership of an object by using reference counting across all smart pointers referencing that object.
  • Span: A nonowning view to a sequence of contiguous elements.
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