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Storage APIs

File system APIs

  • Dir: Manage and navigate directories.
  • FATFileSystem: Normally used for application working on boards with an SD card.
  • File: Access the underlying storage of a file system in a generic manner.
  • FileSystem: A common interface for implementing a file system on a block-based storage device.
  • KVStore: A common get/set API implemented by several classes. It allows flexibility in when configuring a storage solution.
  • kvstore_global_api (Static Global API): Access the instances of KVStore components that the selected configuration allocates.
  • LittleFileSystem: A fail-safe file system designed for embedded systems, specifically for microcontrollers that use external flash storage.

BlockDevice (block-based storage) APIs

  • BlockDevice: An interface for access to block-based storage such as SD cards, spinning disks and heap backed storage.
  • BufferedBlockDevice: A block device adpator that reduces the read and program sizes of the underlying block device to 1.
  • ChainingBlockDevice: Chain together multiple block devices and interact with the chained block devices as if they were a single block device of size equal to the sum of each substorage unit.
  • DataFlashBlockDevice: A driver for serial flash devices that supports the Atmel DataFlash protocol, such as the Adesto AT45DB series of devices.
  • FlashIAPBlockDevice: A block device driver built on top of the FlashIAP API for use where the FlashIAP implementation uses external flash or in conjunction with a file system with wear leveling, that can operate on a page size granularity.
  • FlashSimBlockDevice: A block device adapator that simulates the behavior of a flash component if the underlying block device doesn't support such a behavior.
  • HeapBlockDevice: Simulate block devices for software development or testing.
  • MBRBlockDevice: Manage a Master Boot Record (MBR) on a storage device, which allows you to partition the device.
  • ProfilingBlockDevice: A decorator for an existing block device object to log reads, writes and erases.
  • QSPIFBlockDevice: A block device driver for NOR-based QSPI Flash devices that support the SFDP standard.
  • SDBlockDevice: Read and write data to flash storage cards using the standard POSIX File API programming interface.
  • SlicingBlockDevice: Break up a block device into subunits without the need to manually track offsets. The SlicingBlockDevice acts as an opposite of the ChainingBlockDevice class.
  • SPI Flash block device: A block device for NOR-based SPI flash devices that support SFDP.

PSA compliant

  • PSA internal storage: Save and retrieve data from a Platform Security Architecture (PSA) internal flash.
  • PSA protected storage: Save and retrieve data from a Platform Security Architecture (PSA) protected storage.
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