The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is a term generally used to refer to a world where a large number physical objects are addressable via the Internet (or similar network). Examples of physical objects in this case could include things such as:

  • Smart buildings
  • Civil engineering structures (bridges, etc)
  • Home appliances,
  • Factories
  • Medical devices

Connecting the world's objects in an interoperable standards based way promises to revolutionise such diverse areas such as government, factory automation and farming.

mbed Internet of Things : HTML5 Websockets

mbed is all about prototyping these sorts of things to build working proof-of-concepts. This project shows how to build a system that can quickly deploy Internet of Things sensors using just a smartphone, and how real-time sensor data can be transmitted and visualised using HTML5 web standards.

This project uses the mbed Microcontroller to read sensors and send the real-time sensor data over an IP based network using HTML5 Websockets. Websockets are a new protocol in HTML version 5 which support easy real time data links from any source to any destination, including webpages. More information at Websockets.

This shows how data about real world objects can be accessed by letting microcontrollers connect to the internet using HTML5 web standards, and visualise it using standard clients such as phones or desktop browsers.

Sending the data

There's guides on creating an Internet of Things using different transports, including

Receiving the data

A sensor sending data over websockets needs a websocket server to connect to!

To create your own websocket server, see Websockets-Server

Seeing the results

Once your data has reached a server, you probably want to see it! Websocket-and-Mbed has some example code to help you there, or see the complete application example below.

Demonstration of complete Internet Of Things application

On the Internet-of-Things-Demonstration page, you can see details of a example complete system, including a dashboard for viewing all the sensors in real time.


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