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The competition is now closed for entries, and Circuit Cellar are starting the process of judging the projects.

Good luck to everyone who entered!


We're on a mission to bring rapid prototyping to microcontrollers, and we want you to join us! Introducing the mbed challenge...

The Challenge

The challenge is to publish a project, and the building blocks that make it up, that is inspiring, inventive, useful or just plain cool. Not only will you help your fellow developers prototype even faster by letting them build on your work, but entering it in the design challenge could win you some of the prizes up for grabs :)

Here are the important facts:

  • Anyone with an mbed can enter!
  • There are prizes totalling $10,000 for the best entries!
  • The closing date to submit your design to Circuit Cellar is February 28th, 2011!

For all the details of how to enter and the prizes up for grabs, see:


3D rapid prototyping has come a long way over the last few years and we don't think the electronics has kept up. As the way to arrange the "atoms" improves (the physical form, mechanics, aesthetics), we want to make sure it just as quick to prototype the "bits" (the intelligence, behaviour, connectivity).

So far, we've made a pretty good start with mbed; the tools, hardware and peripheral interfaces are all working really well in their goal of getting out of the way and letting you concentrate on your application. But we think we've on scratched the surface. Next up is making all the things you might want to connect to your mbed "just work". So we've teamed up with Circuit Cellar, Elektor and NXP to bring you the "NXP mbed Design Challenge"; a chance to win some money for helping us achieve this!

mbed Challenge Photo/Video Teasers!

Add your teaser photo or video!

Add a teaser photo or video of what you are working on to the end of this page and give people a peek of your progress so far! We'll aim to do a blog of the highlights...

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