New Networking Libraries

This page currently covers the 'legacy' networking libraries. A completely new library has been written, with significantly improved performance and reliability.

All future improvements of the core networking stack will take place on the above library.


The mbed microcontroller is quite capable of connecting to the internet, and functioning as client or server for a variety of protocols. To achieve this, the LwIP TCP/IP stack has been ported to mbed.

Getting started

Step one, physical connection

On the Ethernet-RJ45 page you will find wiring diagrams for popular RJ45 sockets.

Step two, set up the stack

On the Ethernet Interface page you will find everything you need to set an IP address, and bring up the stack.

Next steps

Afterwards, you should hopefully have TCP/IP up and running over Ethernet. Have a look at the networking stack page to find out more, and to create your first example program.

Legacy Networking Libraries

The following paragraphs are referring to legacy libraries written by mbed users before the introduction of an official IP networking library:

Network clients, servers, and examples

Alternative versions of the LwIP stack

There is a fork of this port called NetServices by Segundo Equipo. The differences and improvements over the original port can be found on the NetServices page.

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