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Introducing mbed OS 5

I'm very pleased to share the newest update to mbed; the introduction of mbed OS 5 and our 5.1 release!

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Join us at your local mbed Connect 2016

mbed Connect 2016

We are excited to announce our new event series, ARM mbed Connect. mbed Connect 2016 is a full day event, featuring expert keynotes, insightful technical workshops and the opportunity to get hands-on training with the latest mbed technology and work alongside the mbed engineers.

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Changes to our GitHub development repository

Over the next week, we're going to be making some organisational changes to our main development repository that is used to generate our mbed 2 ("Classic") Core Library releases.

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Build an ARM mbed BLE beacon with Nordic nRF51-DK and Evothings Studio

Evothings has published the tutorial, Nordic Semiconductor nRF51-DK into a Beacon with mbed, on hackster.io. This exercise takes you through the steps to develop your own ARM mbed Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon with Nordic nRF51-DK hardware, and Evothings Studio, to create a mobile phone app that connects to your beacon hardware.

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ARM mbed at DAC 2016 - Interactive BLE Messaging

This past week the ARM mbed team went to the Design Automation Conference (DAC) in Austin, TX. We put together an awesome demo that showed off how to use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to create an interactive beacon demo. Attendees of DAC started at our booth, they received a beacon programmed to display their name and as they walked around the show floor various signage would greet them by name when they walked within 5-10 feet of the screen display.

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A new Bluetooth library: SimpleBLE

TL;DR? Here's the link to the SimpleBLE library.

Four months ago I joined the mbed team as Developer Evangelist. A big part of my job is running around at events and talking to developers. Not only does that make for very entertaining conversations, it also gives some first hand insight into how developers are using mbed. This is especially true for new users, especially if they've never done embedded development before. There's no better way of testing the user-friendliness of your platform than by giving a workshop to novice users.

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Post-mortem debugging with ARM mbed

When it comes to programming microcontrollers, the one scenario that you never want to face is a device that suddenly hangs. It's already very frustrating while you're developing software, and tracing down these bugs can be very time-consuming; it's even worse when the device is already deployed in the field. Replicating the exact conditions in which the device failed can be almost impossible in the lab, especially when the failure manifested itself months after deployment.

Fortunately, mbed-enabled hardware ships with CMSIS-DAP or its successor DAPLink, which allow you to directly hook into devices using the built-in USB ports (on developer boards), or a debugging probe like SWDAP. CMSIS-DAP is responsible for mounting your mbed board as a mass-storage device for easy flashing, but it can also be used to dump the RAM and ROM of a running device, enabling you to do post-mortem debugging on a hanging device.

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Summer mbed Events in Taiwan and China

This summer is gearing up to be very busy for the mbed team and we couldn't be more excited about the many events coming up in China and Taiwan, such as Maker Faire Taipei, the Thread Group Open House in Shanghai, Computex in Taipei, and more. These are a great opportunity to see the latest demos from the mbed team and get a hands-on experience at one of the local workshops.

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Now available: Secure WebSockets and MQTT over TLS libraries

Two weeks ago Real Time Logic released some very interesting libraries for mbed. Real Time Logic maintains the SharkSSL library, which contains a lightweight TLS client suitable for running on Cortex-M series microcontrollers. Previously SharkSSL was only available under a commercial license, but they have now released a light version of SharkSSL for mbed users.

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Building your own LoRa network

There is a lot of buzz around LoRa, a wide-area network solution that promises kilometers of range with very low power consumption. It was already possible to build LoRa end-nodes using mbed with the Multitech mDot platform or the SX1276MB1xAS shield, but a LoRa network is a lot bigger than just an end-device. If you're not in the vicinity of an existing LoRa network you'll need to think about gateways and software for a network service. Where to get started?!

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