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Removal of deprecated APIs

As some of you probably noticed, since Mbed OS 5.15 release we started removing deprecated APIs from the codebase. That's part of our cleanup efforts that will culminate in the next major Mbed release later this year.

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New mbed-os issue template

We recently introduced a new issue template for issues raised in the mbed-os GitHub repository.

This blog post will provide guidance on how we would like to see it filled in. Adhering to the guidance is important for a number of reasons:

  • The information requested is required in order for an engineer to be able to reproduce an issue and attempt a fix
  • The quality of information provided gives guidance to other mbed-os users and allows them to determine if perhaps an issue they are also seeing, is either the same or related.
  • The better the information the easier it is for the triaging engineers to determine the severity of the issue and thus correctly plan the resources and time frame required to fix it
  • Some basic validation of the fields will be automated and polite requests added to the comments if anything is deemed to be missing or of insufficient detail. Issues will not be mirrored to our internal defect handling flow (and thus planned) until they are deemed to contain sufficient information. Unmirrored issues are unlikely to be investigated.

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Working towards the next version of Mbed OS

Some of the more curious amongst you may have noticed a new external Mbed OS release a couple of weeks ago on GitHub and we thought we’d give an update on what we’re doing in the Mbed OS team currently.

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Mbed OS 5.15 released today

We are pleased to announce the release of Mbed OS 5.15 today.

One of our primary focus areas over the past three months has been updating the underlying compiler infrastructure that we support in order to benefit from the performance optimizations and language enhancements those compilers bring to the Mbed ecosystem. Further, work continues to improve our support for Python 3 and many of our basic tools have been updated to support this version. For Mbed itself, we have added support in a backward compatible way for “static pin map tables” to further reduce memory consumption in scenarios where runtime modification is not needed and not required.

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The Mbed forums are changing

The Mbed ecosystem relies on its community to support others, identify bugs and share its experience. We want to help that community thrive and provide answers and help as quickly as possible. You've told us that the existing forum experience is confusing so to improve the community experience we're merging our various forums in to one at forums.mbed.com.

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Mbed OS 5.14.2 released

We are pleased to announce the Mbed OS 5.14.2 release is now available. This is the latest patch release based on the feature set that Arm Mbed OS 5.14 introduces.

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Check Out the Workshops and Register for the Arm AIoT Dev Summit Today!


Attend the Arm AIoT Dev Summit on December 2nd-3rd and let’s change the landscape of AIoT, Together.

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Mbed OS 2020 release dates

As per our recent post: Change of Mbed OS release process, January 2020 will mark a change to how we make our releases for Mbed OS. This also has a knock on effect to our release dates. With this in mind we thought it would be useful to provide a list of actual code freeze and release dates:

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Arm AIoT Dev Summit: Mbed’s Top 5 Sessions to Attend


The Arm AIoT Dev Summit will bring together developers, data scientists, technology experts and researchers to unleash the power of IoT and AI technologies. Taking place between 2nd and 3rd December at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, the Dev Summit is set to focus on the present and future of AIoT and how, together, we can transform the technology landscape for the better.

We are excited to announce that the agenda has been published, showcasing the workshops, tech talks, focus groups, keynotes and Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions that you can benefit from. Read on to discover what to expect from the event and sessions you don’t want to miss as an Mbed developer.

Don’t forget to register and apply the special $75 ARMMBED discount code created for you, as this is a conference build for Mbed community.

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Improving the management of community input

We are currently working to streamline the handling of bugs, questions and enhancements to improve the visibility and responses of topics raised for discussion. Previously all bugs, questions and enhancements have been collected as Github issues which is not optimal and our aim is to improve the handling of these topics with more appropriate tools.

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