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mbedConnectorInterface sample endpoint utilizing 3g cellular radio as the underlying connection transport.
Fork of the working HTTPClient adaptation using CyaSSL. This version adds a derivation of HTTPText called HTTPJson to emit JSON text properly. Additionally, the URL parser has defines that permit ...
Library for the Grove Earbud Heartrate Sensor
sample K64F program using the RTOS (fully updated + Mbed sdk updated) with EthernetInterface added
Dreamforce Heroku Sample mbed application for the FRDM-K64F. This application uses SocketIO to connect and communicate with Heroku.
Dreamforce 2014 Demo of RFID-based Salesforce Case generation for status reporting.
Dreamforce 2014 Workshop RFID Case Generator - FRDM-K64F
Interface for invoking REST calls over SSL with OAUTH authentication. This interface is designed to simplify the interaction between mbed devices and web services.
Dreamforce 2013 MiniHack Thermostat Challenge - remotes