Dependents of MODSERIAL

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Tracks GPS coordinates of an asset. Uses: GPS GSM Accelerometer mbed anti-theft, GPS, GSM, MODGPS, MODSERIAL
Program for receiving XBee packets and controlling the MoboRobo.
Program for Sending an XBee packet from the controller to the MoboRobo.
This is the code we used in our final implementation of our spherical robot.
Test for LinkSprite Y201 JPEG camera
Serial UART snooper. Connect RX and TX of the UUT to 2 x RX pins on mbed to inspect the traffic in both directions
Communication program for the chrobotics UM6 9-DOF IMU AHRS. AHRS, chrobotics, IMU, UM6
An SMS based GPS tracker using the Adafruit Ultimate GPS module and the Seeed Studio GPRS shield (Sim900 chipset) GPRS, GPS, MTK3339, Seeed GPRS, SIM900, tracker
The London Hackspace bandwidth meter led strip, lhs, londonhackspace, VFD
AHRS library, modified version of Peter Bartz work.
Georgia Tech ECE 4180 Final Project
Trying to log data from UM6 sensor with GPS receiver LS20031. I have two problems: - I can't log to file at a fast rate (<0.5s) without data values freezing … GPS, logging, LS20031, orientation, UM6
Capstone project for Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering 2011
A project similar to, where I'm trying to log data from a UM6 (CH Robotics orientation sensor) and a GPS transceiver to an sd card. I've adapted LHiggs code … GPS, MODGPS, MODSERIAL, UM6
Prints signals from UM6 orientation sensor (CH Robotics) and GPS receiver, using MODSerial and MODgps. GPS causes UM6 signals to freeze on a fixed value, which timer and gps continue … MODGPS, MODSERIAL, UM6
its a template, it uses public code
OV7670 + 23LC1024 + Bluetooth
Firmware for the Software 3D Accelerometer Tester v1.1 or above MMA7660, USB
Test Code for TEA5767 radio module Radio, TEA5767
Test Code for OV7670 Camera module with FIFO AL422 OV7670
this version has all of Jim's fixes for reading the GPS and IMU data synchronously
Project for PWM synchronized by GPS
Read GCODE from a laptop and parse it into usable structures.
rosserial for Hydro
Small project to display some OBD values from the Toyota GT86/ Subaru BRZ/ Scion FRS on an OLED display.
Swimate V2 without RTOS code
voor willem test
Check this one ! mbos setup changed, WTX hor pos changed, no font style check, no checksum check
replaces CDU_Mbed_26
An example Program for the SimpleSerialProtocol Library, This program will receive a packet, then echo it back to the client example, SimpleSerialProtocol
An example program for SerialFileTransfer, receives files from a java application and stores them on the LocalFileSystem example, file, Serial, SerialFileTransfer, transfer
New work version with additional functions
Modifications in 4DGL library. Added CDU_hw_sw.h for version info. Added pins.h for hardware pin remapping
Ika Shouyu Poppoyaki - LPC82x supported
mbed serial interface for the OV528 camera (uCAM TTL 120 from 4D systems). camera, JPEG, OV528, uCAM TTL120
Initial commit