Andy Kirkham

Leven, United Kingdom





Software/Hardware engineer with over 30years experience designing with microprocessors and microcontrollers, DSPs, PCs, UN*X machines, ASIC/VHDL, etc.

Andy’s public repositories

  • DebounceIn

    Extends DigitalIn to DebounceIn to provide mechanical switch debouncing.

    debounce, DigitalIn
    Last updated: 01 Jun 2013 3 2738
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Used to hold all my \"snippets\" I create in forum support.

    Last updated: 10 Feb 2011 1 19
  • FPointer

    FPointer - A callback system that allows for 32bit unsigned ints to be passed to and from the callback.

    Callback, FunctionPointer, Functor
    Last updated: 18 Jan 2011 3 394
  • LLDP


    Last updated: 17 Nov 2010 1 20
  • MAX3100

    MAX3100, an external serial device to add additional serial ports via SPI

    MAX3100, Serial
    Last updated: 03 Aug 2012 3 56
  • MODADF4360

    ADF4360 - See

    Last updated: 22 Nov 2010 3 39

    MODDMA GPDMA Controller New features: transfer pins to memory buffer under periodic timer control and send double buffers to DAC

    DMA, gpdma, MODDMA
    Last updated: 02 Mar 2013 18 1542

    Allows for a GPS module to be connected to a serial port and exposes an easy to use API to get the GPS data. New feature, added Mbed/LPC17xx RTC synchronisation

    Last updated: 21 Apr 2011 7 1672
  • MODMAX7456

    This module provides a simple API to the Maxim MAX7456 on-screen display chip

    MAX7456, osd
    Last updated: 16 Nov 2010 1 96

    Bug fix release

    buffer, Buffered, rs232, RS485, Serial
    Last updated: 08 Jan 2013 26 8017
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