Tyler Weaver

Englewood, United States



Student of Embedded Software Development

I'm currently working a HAB (High Altitude Balloon) project with three of my classmates for our senior project. As a Computer Engineering Technologies student I enjoy embedded software development. I will be graduating next Spring and looking for work as an Embedded Software developer in Denver or Boulder, Colorado.

Tyler’s public repositories

  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Unit testing and development for 9DOF sparkfun sensor stick

    Last updated: 09 Nov 2012 6 73
  • ADXL345

    Republished Library, to be refined for use with the SparkFun 9DOF in HARP project.

    Last updated: 09 Nov 2012 11 41
  • AHRS

    AHRS library, modified version of Peter Bartz work.

    Last updated: 08 Nov 2012 2 37
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    AHRS with RTOS

    Last updated: 08 Nov 2012 5 43
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    For testing battery life on the harp project.

    Last updated: 30 Nov 2012 1 9
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Example code for monitoring battery voltage and lighting a LED when battery voltage is below a threshold.

    Last updated: 18 Oct 2012 1 71
  • BMP085

    Pressure, Temperature, Altitude Sensor on breakout from sparkfun (I2C)

    Altitude, bmp085, pressure, Temperature
    Last updated: 12 Dec 2012 1 197
  • BSP_lcd_joy

    Includes itoa implementation and functions for interacting with lcd display and joystick

    itoa, joystick, LCD
    Last updated: 16 Feb 2012 1 66
  • buffered-serial1

    UART1 buffered serial driver, requires RTOS

    rtos, Serial, UART
    Last updated: 17 Dec 2012 5 287
  • chan_fatfs_sd

    updated chan_fatfs

    FAT, file system, SD
    Last updated: 10 Jan 2013 9 47
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