Andy K

Public Repositories (17)

  • DebounceIn

    Extends DigitalIn to DebounceIn to provide mechanical switch debouncing.

    debounce, DigitalIn
    Last updated: 01 Jun 2013 3 3073

    MODDMA GPDMA Controller New features: transfer pins to memory buffer under periodic timer control and send double buffers to DAC

    DMA, gpdma, MODDMA
    Last updated: 02 Mar 2013 18 1619

    Bug fix release

    buffer, Buffered, rs232, RS485, Serial
    Last updated: 08 Jan 2013 26 8215
  • MAX3100

    MAX3100, an external serial device to add additional serial ports via SPI

    MAX3100, Serial
    Last updated: 03 Aug 2012 3 57
  • SimpleIOMacros

    Simple to use macros to manipulate GPIOs quickly.

    Last updated: 26 May 2011 2 284
  • SimpleSteppers

    Provides an API software interface to TIMER2 to control upto four stepper motors.

    motor, Stepper
    Last updated: 20 May 2011 5 558
  • SimpleRCservos

    A simple API/Software interface to the LPC17xx PWM peripheral to provide control to up to six RC type servo controllers.

    control, RC, remote, Servo
    Last updated: 19 May 2011 4 767

    Allows for a GPS module to be connected to a serial port and exposes an easy to use API to get the GPS data. New feature, added Mbed/LPC17xx RTC synchronisation

    Last updated: 21 Apr 2011 7 1728
  • SimpleScheduler

    Very simple cooperative round-robin task scheduler. See examples.

    Last updated: 04 Mar 2011 5 37
  • Ton

    A Ton (Timer On) is used to provide an \'on delay\' system so as to avoid using wait()

    timer, Ton, wait
    Last updated: 04 Mar 2011 4 59