Firmware for the Software 3D Accelerometer Tester v1.1 or above

Dependencies:   MMA7660FC MODSERIAL mbed

I wrote a C# software that test the principal characteristics of this accelerometer MMA7660FC.

The software is here: 3D Accelerometer Tester v1.1
Is required Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or above.

This is the pins assignment:

MMA7660 pinsMbed pins
1 - SCLP10 - SCL
2 - SDAP9 - SDA
3 - VccVout - 3.3V
5 - INTP6

NOTE: The I2C bus is already connected to pull-up resistor.

Some screens:


First you must set the Serial Port and press the button "Connect".
Then you can read the Sensor data (G acc and Orientation) manually pressing the button "Read DATA" or triggered by interrupt if you enabled in the second tab the checkbox "G Interrup Enable".
The red ball changes when the checkbox "SHAKE enable" is enabled.


In this screen you can set and read the registers manually or you can set easy the sample rate, the Shake Interrupt or the G Interrupt.


In this graph are plotted the G data read from the sensor.

For more infos visit this page.