Forks of SX1272Lib

A fork is a repository which is based on a copy of this repository.

Added support to TARGET_NUCLEO_L073RZ L073RZ, Nucleo
pin changes for NRF51822
With error debug.h
Library files for InAir9 module containing SX1272
Elmo board support
This Library is to establish communication between a transmitter and receivers formed by the combination of SX1272MB2DAS shield and FRDM kl25z board that uses Cortex M0+ architecture.
Driver for the SX1272 RF Transceiver
1272 driver for lorawan, which is compatible with current mbed-os
lora lib
1272 Library for Ping Pong Example
SX1272Lib updated in order to be RTOS aware Lora, rtos, SX1272