Demo application for using the AT&T IoT Starter Kit Powered by AWS.

Dependencies:   SDFileSystem

Fork of ATT_AWS_IoT_demo by Anthony Phillips

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for ATT_AWS_IoT_demo


jsmn_parser JSON parser
jsmntok_t JSON token description
jsonStruct This is the struct form of a JSON Key value pair
MQTTCallbackParams MQTT Callback Function Parameters
MQTTClient_t MQTT Client Type Definition
MQTTConnectParams MQTT Connection Parameters
MQTTHeader Bitfields for the MQTT header byte
MQTTMessageParams MQTT Message Parameters
MQTTPacket_willOptions Defines the MQTT "Last Will and Testament" (LWT) settings for the connect packet
MQTTPublishParams MQTT Publish Parameters
MQTTSubscribeParams MQTT Subscription Parameters
MQTTwillOptions Last Will and Testament Definition
Network Network Structure
ShadowParameters_t Shadow Connect parameters
TimerExt Extension of the Platform specific Timer class
TLSConnectParams TLS Connection Parameters
WncIpStats Contains info fields for the WNC Internet Attributes
WNCSocket Socket file descriptor and select wrapper
WNCTCPSocketConnection TCP socket connection


AddingDevice.h [code] [code]
aws_iot_config.h [code] AWS IoT specific configuration file
aws_iot_error.h [code] Definition of error types for the SDK
aws_iot_json_utils.cpp [code]
aws_iot_json_utils.h [code]
aws_iot_log.h [code] Logging macros for the SDK
aws_iot_mqtt_embedded_client_wrapper.cpp [code]
aws_iot_mqtt_interface.h [code] Interface definition for MQTT client
aws_iot_shadow.cpp [code]
aws_iot_shadow_actions.cpp [code]
aws_iot_shadow_actions.h [code]
aws_iot_shadow_interface.h [code] Interface for thing shadow
aws_iot_shadow_json.cpp [code]
aws_iot_shadow_json.h [code]
aws_iot_shadow_json_data.h [code] This file is the interface for all the Shadow related JSON functions
aws_iot_shadow_key.h [code]
aws_iot_shadow_records.cpp [code]
aws_iot_shadow_records.h [code]
aws_iot_version.h [code] Constants defining the release version of the SDK
certs.cpp [code]
FLUSH.cpp [code]
GETC.cpp [code]
hardware.h [code]
HTS221.h [code]
hts221_driver.cpp [code]
INIT.cpp [code]
ISR_RX.cpp [code]
ISR_TX.cpp [code]
jsmn.cpp [code]
jsmn.h [code] Definition of the JSMN (Jasmine) JSON parser
MACROS.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
mbedtls_entropy_config.h [code]
MODSERIAL.cpp [code]
MODSERIAL.h [code]
MODSERIAL_KL05Z.cpp [code]
MODSERIAL_KL05Z.h [code]
MODSERIAL_KL25Z.cpp [code]
MODSERIAL_KL25Z.h [code]
MODSERIAL_LPC11U24.cpp [code]
MODSERIAL_LPC11U24.h [code]
MODSERIAL_LPC1768.cpp [code]
MODSERIAL_LPC1768.h [code]
MODSERIAL_PAC_F401RB.cpp [code]
MQTTClient.cpp [code]
MQTTClient.h [code]
MQTTConnect.h [code]
MQTTConnectClient.cpp [code]
MQTTDeserializePublish.cpp [code]
MQTTMessage.h [code] Definition of Messages for the MQTT Client
MQTTPacket.cpp [code]
MQTTPacket.h [code]
MQTTPublish.h [code]
MQTTReturnCodes.h [code]
MQTTSerializePublish.cpp [code]
MQTTSubscribe.h [code]
MQTTSubscribeClient.cpp [code]
MQTTUnsubscribe.h [code]
MQTTUnsubscribeClient.cpp [code]
network.cpp [code]
network_interface.h [code] Network interface definition for MQTT client
network_mbedtls_wrapper.cpp [code]
PUTC.cpp [code]
RESIZE.cpp [code]
StackTrace.h [code]
timer.cpp [code]
timer_interface.h [code] Timer interface definition for MQTT client
timer_platform.h [code]
WncController.cpp [code]
WncController.h [code] This mbed C++ class is for controlling the WNC Cellular modem via the AT command interface
WncControllerK64F.cpp [code]
WncControllerK64F.h [code]
WNCEndpoint.cpp [code]
WNCEndpoint.h [code]
WNCInterface.cpp [code]
WNCInterface.h [code]
WNCSocket.cpp [code]
WNCSocket.h [code]
WNCTCPSocketConnection.cpp [code]
WNCTCPSocketConnection.h [code]
WNCUDPSocket.cpp [code]
WNCUDPSocket.h [code]