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The Event class provides APIs to configure events delay and period timings. You can use post API to post an event to the underlying EventQueue, and you can use cancel to cancel the most recently posted event.

The Event class is thread safe. The post and cancel APIs are IRQ safe.

Event class reference

EventQueue example: posting events to the queue

The code below demonstrates how you can instantiate, configure and post events.

#include "mbed.h"
// Creates an event bound to the specified event queue
EventQueue queue;
void handler(int count);
Event<void(int)> event(&queue, handler);

void handler(int count) {
    printf("Event = %d \n", count);

void post_events(void) {

    // Events can be posted multiple times and enqueue gracefully until
    // the dispatch function is called.

int main() {

    Thread event_thread;
    // The event can be manually configured for special timing requirements
    // specified in milliseconds
    event.delay(100);       // Starting delay - 100 msec
    event.period(200);      // Delay between each evet - 200msec
    // Posted events are dispatched in the context of the queue's
    // dispatch function
    queue.dispatch(400);        // Dispatch time - 400msec
    // 400 msec - Only 2 set of events will be dispatched as period is 200 msec

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