SDL Library

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Auto generated API documentation and code listings for SDL_lib2


SDL_atomic_t A type representing an atomic integer value
SDL_AudioSpec The calculated values in this structure are calculated by SDL_OpenAudio()
SDL_CommonEvent Fields shared by every event
SDL_ControllerAxisEvent Game controller axis motion event structure ( event.caxis
SDL_ControllerButtonEvent Game controller button event structure ( event.cbutton
SDL_ControllerDeviceEvent Controller device event structure ( event.cdevice
SDL_DisplayMode The structure that defines a display mode
SDL_DollarGestureEvent Dollar Gesture Event ( event.dgesture
SDL_DropEvent An event used to request a file open by the system ( event.drop
SDL_Event General event structure
SDL_GameControllerButtonBind Get the SDL joystick layer binding for this controller button/axis mapping
SDL_HapticCondition A structure containing a template for a Condition effect
SDL_HapticConstant A structure containing a template for a Constant effect
SDL_HapticCustom A structure containing a template for the SDL_HAPTIC_CUSTOM effect
SDL_HapticDirection Structure that represents a haptic direction
SDL_HapticEffect The generic template for any haptic effect
SDL_HapticLeftRight A structure containing a template for a Left/Right effect
SDL_HapticPeriodic A structure containing a template for a Periodic effect
SDL_HapticRamp A structure containing a template for a Ramp effect
SDL_JoyAxisEvent Joystick axis motion event structure ( event.jaxis
SDL_JoyBallEvent Joystick trackball motion event structure ( event.jball
SDL_JoyButtonEvent Joystick button event structure ( event.jbutton
SDL_JoyDeviceEvent Joystick device event structure ( event.jdevice
SDL_JoyHatEvent Joystick hat position change event structure ( event.jhat
SDL_KeyboardEvent Keyboard button event structure ( event.key
SDL_Keysym The SDL keysym structure, used in key events
SDL_MessageBoxButtonData Individual button data
SDL_MessageBoxColor RGB value used in a message box color scheme
SDL_MessageBoxColorScheme A set of colors to use for message box dialogs
SDL_MessageBoxData MessageBox structure containing title, text, window, etc
SDL_MouseButtonEvent Mouse button event structure ( event.button
SDL_MouseMotionEvent Mouse motion event structure ( event.motion
SDL_MouseWheelEvent Mouse wheel event structure ( event.wheel
SDL_MultiGestureEvent Multiple Finger Gesture Event ( event.mgesture
SDL_OSEvent OS Specific event
SDL_Point The structure that defines a point
SDL_QuitEvent The "quit requested" event
SDL_Rect A rectangle, with the origin at the upper left
SDL_RendererInfo Information on the capabilities of a render driver or context
SDL_RWops This is the read/write operation structure -- very basic
SDL_Surface A collection of pixels used in software blitting
SDL_SysWMEvent A video driver dependent system event ( event.syswm
SDL_SysWMinfo The custom window manager information structure
SDL_SysWMmsg The custom event structure
SDL_TextEditingEvent Keyboard text editing event structure ( event.edit
SDL_TextInputEvent Keyboard text input event structure ( event.text
SDL_TouchFingerEvent Touch finger event structure ( event.tfinger
SDL_UserEvent A user-defined event type ( event.user
SDL_version Information the version of SDL in use
SDL_WindowEvent Window state change event data ( event.window
SDL_WindowShapeMode A struct that tags the SDL_WindowShapeParams union with an enum describing the type of its contents
SDL_WindowShapeParams A union containing parameters for shaped windows
SDLTest_Crc32Context Data structure for CRC32 (checksum) computation
SDLTest_SurfaceImage_s Type for test images
SDLTest_TestCaseReference Holds information about a single test case
SDLTest_TestSuiteReference Holds information about a test suite (multiple test cases)


begin_code.h [code] This file sets things up for C dynamic library function definitions, static inlined functions, and structures aligned at 4-byte alignment
close_code.h [code] This file reverses the effects of begin_code.h and should be included after you finish any function and structure declarations in your headers
SDL.h [code] Main include header for the SDL library
SDL_assert.h [code]
SDL_atomic.h [code] Atomic operations
SDL_audio.h [code] Access to the raw audio mixing buffer for the SDL library
SDL_bits.h [code] Functions for fiddling with bits and bitmasks
SDL_blendmode.h [code] Header file declaring the SDL_BlendMode enumeration
SDL_clipboard.h [code] Include file for SDL clipboard handling
SDL_config.h [code]
SDL_cpuinfo.h [code] CPU feature detection for SDL
SDL_endian.h [code] Functions for reading and writing endian-specific values
SDL_error.h [code] Simple error message routines for SDL
SDL_events.h [code] Include file for SDL event handling
SDL_filesystem.h [code] Include file for filesystem SDL API functions
SDL_gamecontroller.h [code] Include file for SDL game controller event handling
SDL_gesture.h [code] Include file for SDL gesture event handling
SDL_haptic.h [code] The SDL Haptic subsystem allows you to control haptic (force feedback) devices
SDL_hints.h [code] Official documentation for SDL configuration variables
SDL_joystick.h [code] Include file for SDL joystick event handling
SDL_keyboard.h [code] Include file for SDL keyboard event handling
SDL_keycode.h [code] Defines constants which identify keyboard keys and modifiers
SDL_loadso.h [code] System dependent library loading routines
SDL_log.h [code] Simple log messages with categories and priorities
SDL_main.h [code] Redefine main() on some platforms so that it is called by SDL
SDL_messagebox.h [code]
SDL_mouse.h [code] Include file for SDL mouse event handling
SDL_mutex.h [code] Functions to provide thread synchronization primitives
SDL_name.h [code]
SDL_opengl.h [code] This is a simple file to encapsulate the OpenGL API headers
SDL_opengles.h [code] This is a simple file to encapsulate the OpenGL ES 1.X API headers
SDL_opengles2.h [code]
SDL_pixels.h [code] Header for the enumerated pixel format definitions
SDL_platform.h [code] Try to get a standard set of platform defines
SDL_power.h [code] Header for the SDL power management routines
SDL_quit.h [code] Include file for SDL quit event handling
SDL_rect.h [code] Header file for SDL_rect definition and management functions
SDL_render.h [code] Header file for SDL 2D rendering functions
SDL_revision.h [code]
SDL_rwops.h [code] This file provides a general interface for SDL to read and write data streams
SDL_scancode.h [code] Defines keyboard scancodes
SDL_shape.h [code] Header file for the shaped window API
SDL_stdinc.h [code] This is a general header that includes C language support
SDL_surface.h [code] Header file for SDL_Surface definition and management functions
SDL_system.h [code] Include file for platform specific SDL API functions
SDL_syswm.h [code] Include file for SDL custom system window manager hooks
SDL_test.h [code] Include file for SDL test framework
SDL_test_assert.h [code] Include file for SDL test framework
SDL_test_common.h [code] Include file for SDL test framework
SDL_test_compare.h [code] Include file for SDL test framework
SDL_test_crc32.h [code] Include file for SDL test framework
SDL_test_font.h [code] Include file for SDL test framework
SDL_test_fuzzer.h [code] Include file for SDL test framework
SDL_test_harness.h [code] Include file for SDL test framework
SDL_test_images.h [code] Include file for SDL test framework
SDL_test_log.h [code] Include file for SDL test framework
SDL_test_md5.h [code] Include file for SDL test framework
SDL_test_random.h [code] Include file for SDL test framework
SDL_thread.h [code] Header for the SDL thread management routines
SDL_timer.h [code] Header for the SDL time management routines
SDL_touch.h [code] Include file for SDL touch event handling
SDL_types.h [code]
SDL_version.h [code] This header defines the current SDL version
SDL_video.h [code] Header file for SDL video functions