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Avec mesure de pression
Charging circuit code
EET214 Lab 6 Fortune Teller Sample Code
Programme de controle du robot joueur
Control of a AD9851 DDS or Midnight Design DDS60 from serial terminal
Added carriage return to the printf string and removed "pc." from another snippet of code to see if that would work. carriage, return
RS485 testing on the Anthem PCB
Serial_HelloWorld Example for WIZwiki-W7500 Serial, W7500, Wiznet, WIZwiki-W7500
This simple program enable LPC11U24 MBED board to act as a simple integer calculator. Just type the operation you want to execute from the serial terminal. Admitted operations: +, -, … calculators, integer, Serial
example of scanf & printf
Serial mbed
A serial parser for a specific project M3
Programme qui recoit un caractere sur liaison série et affiche le caractere reçu sur l'afficheur mbed du kit d'évaluation.
*Desvription: use the uart to control the led1 *'1' :turn on the light; *'0':turn off the light;