Working on implementing Blue Tooth code for an infrared medical thermometer...solved this issue by moving to Raspberry Pi. It's built-in.

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displays a float (decimal number) to 4 digit, 7 segment LED display LDQ-N514R1 using mbed LPC1768
Allows a sequence of numbers to display on a single digit of a 4 digit, 7 segment LED Display: LDQ-N514R1 by Lumex
just a small code example to display numbers on a 7 segment display should be easy to rewrite for your own needs.
How to control an output pin...and how to find out what the compiler name for the pin is.
DigitalIn program: while toggling one pin, a jumper to a 2nd pin allows you to see values on the first using Tera term.
Added carriage return to the printf string and removed "pc." from another snippet of code to see if that would work.
The 4 LEDs are exercised one at a time moving one way then the other at the end of the row.