i'm amateur programer, buat i want to find anything about programer for microcontroller because it's helpfully for me.

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my prototype Programeable Power Supply from Genesys (TM)
C027_Support library plus AT Comand for dialing.
Prototipe SC16IS752
This ih my prototipe program for displaying to vfd Noritake via SC16IS752 (i2c to Serial). for program which i use, i say sorry and you can message me for i ...
Prototype of SX1508's library
Library of Temperature/Humidity Sensor from Silicon Labs for LPC1768 Editing from SILABS_RHT library
my prototype PCF8563's library
my prototypr library
Library for MPC3424, it's my prototype library. work good.
other things
C027_Support library plus AT Comand for dialing.
This is program for receive data using ethernet.
this is simple digital in for ublox c027
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