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Yet another WS2812 driver, uses the BusrtSPI library. Less features than the PixelArray library but I felt like making my own version.
Triggers Lightning LED and sounds effects
Now with added rickrolling. A program to mess with people. Intended for small boards with built in USB sockets that connect direct to the CPU and can easily be hidden ...
USB device stack - Added support for the logo/windows key to USB keyboard.
Simple example of a very basic cooperative round robin task switching.
Moves a glow up and down a strip of WS2812 LEDs
Displays text on a WS2812 (NeoPixel) matrix display
A low resolution font for LED matrix displays e.g. neopixels
Demo of how to wakeup from sleep mode on timers.
Minimal version of mBuino Sleep
Enables lower power Sleep and power down modes for LPC11U24 systems than the mbed API supports directly.
Another dice program for the mbuino.
Simple demo for plotly library
plotly interface based on ardunio sample code
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