Now with added rickrolling. A program to mess with people. Intended for small boards with built in USB sockets that connect direct to the CPU and can easily be hidden behind a computer (e.g. the mBuino).

Dependencies:   USBDevice mbed

Pretends to be a USB mouse and keyboard and has some predefined functions for various things (do a google image search on a set keyword every 5 minutes, move the mouse in a circle, keep turning the capslock key on etc...)

The default is to rickroll the user. It turns caps lock on, when the user turns it off again the program will turns the volume up to max and load a youtube video of Rick Astley. For the next 45 seconds the mouse will do some circles to make it harder to stop the video. It will then wait 10 minutes and loop back to the start.

As google used to say: Don't be evil. But there is nothing wrong with being a little bit naughty.

Download repository: zip gz