Dependents of TextLCD

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Simple Hello World! for the TextLCD library helloworld, TextLCD
Simple Voltage meter. The analog value is shown on a LCD and on the four LEDs ( fading mode ). Analog, LCD, Meter, pwm, voltage
Stand-alone AVR(328P) writer
Sample program for XBee remote API operation. This program get ADC sample data from remote XBee connected over the radio xbee
Skytraq S1315F-RAW-EVK Logger GPS, S1315F, Skytraq
An example program that shows how to read a Maxim DS1624 temperature sensor via the I2C bus and print the results to a LCD. DS1624, I2C
An example program that shows how to read a Maxim DS1631 temperature sensor via the I2C bus and print the results to an LCD. DS1631, I2C
Starboard Orangeで使用することを想定したHTTPから時刻を取得して表示するプログラムです。 http, time
This program displays heart rate and time between heart beats on LCD, prints it to a USB serial port, print it to a bluetooth serial port and store it on … beat, Bio, bluetooth, feed-back, heart, medical, polar, rate, rmcm-01, variability
This is test program for running 192GC00(240 x 320 dot, 65K Color TFT LCD module ) on Star Board Orange. display_BMP_Image, SDFileSystem, TFT
Simple stopwatch with LCD timer
the most basic and simplest possible one octave midi controller. this is just to demonstrate the awesomeness of MIDI library and to show how easy it is to make a … controller, MIDI
エレキジャック Web版 mbedで初めてのマイコン開発 メモリカードを使ったデータの読み書き<2/3> 音符データをSDから読み込んで音楽を鳴らすプログラムです。 音楽データはエレキジャックのサイトに置いてあります。 music.txt http://www.eleki-jack.com/arm/2010/12/mbed-6.html eleki-jack, music, SD
エレキジャック Web版 mbedで初めてのマイコン開発 メモリカードを使ったデータの読み書き<3/3> センサから得たデータをSDに書き込むプログラムです。時刻設定はNTPを使っています。 http://www.eleki-jack.com/arm/2010/12/mbed-7.html eleki-jack, logger, NTP, SD
xx16 display +tmp102 +speaker
This program control a 5 axis arm robot from lynx motion pwm
Light detector with simple LDR and LCD display,there exist no calibration
Universal Translator
Xbee receiver Module
エレキジャック Web版 mbedで初めてのマイコン開発 LCDを極める!<3/5> 温度センサ(LM35)を使ってLCDに温度を表示するプログラムです。 http://www.eleki-jack.com/arm/2010/11/mbed-lcd-2.html eleki-jack, LCD, LM35, thermometer
エレキジャック Web版 mbedで初めてのマイコン開発 LCDを極める!<2/5> LCDに半角カナを表示するプログラムです。簡単に半角カナを表示するTipsも紹介しています。 http://www.eleki-jack.com/arm/2010/11/mbed-lcd-1.html eleki-jack, HankakuKANA, LCD
エレキジャック Web版 mbedで初めてのマイコン開発 センサを使ってみよう Rapid PrototypingでGPSロガーをサクサク作るの記事のGPS Loggerのプログラムです。とても簡単にGPS Loggerを作ることができます。 http://www.eleki-jack.com/arm/2011/03/mbed-rapid-prototypinggps-1.html eleki-jack, EM406, GPS, logger
this program is based on the PS/2 keyboard library and the LCD library, the lcd display whatever input is coming from the PS/2 keyboard. keyboard, LCD, mbed, PS/2
LM74 temperature sensor testing, using PC serial and 20x2 text LCD
Simply Clock clock
akizuki no geiger counter kit chirper, counter, geiger, mullar
This is my first attempt using an mbed. My project will be to build a rover that uses a compass, collision detection and ultimately GPS to try and be as …
World Wide Data Logger using mbed. data, logger, Pachube
Programm for decoding radio-signals sent by a ETH-Window-Shutter-Contact, received with a RFM12B-module ETH-Comfort, RFM12B
Alcoholmeter with MQ3 sensor alcohol, alcoholmeter, ethanol, MQ3, sensor
Snack dispenser that is triggered by SMS over the internet ax12, ethernet, QR, Servo, SMS, Snack
This program outputs the voltage to a DA converter and inputs it into AD converter and displays it to LCD. The voltage changes it to 3.3V by a 0.033 volts … D/A
This program makes a sine wave. This converts 360 degrees into radian every once from 0 and gives it in sine function. The value multiply 0.5 by the result of … D/A, sinewave
I made a clock in mbed. mbed has RTC built-in. A convenient function is prepared for in the rtc_time function group of mbed.h. Because data are provided at the time … clock, rtc_time, timestamp, unix
I made the digital watch which set the start time in ntp. It\'s same as \"clock\" see:[http://mbed.org/users/jf1vrr/programs/clock/lpucqk] except that I changed from unix timezone to ntp. See: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/jf1vrr_station/19816010.html (Japanese) clock, NTP, RTC
This program makes the WAV file of the sinewave in a local file. The sampling frequency is 8KHz. In other words, it is the quality of the telephone. The quantization … audio, mediaplayer, sinewave, wav
This is the clock which used highly quality RTC module RT8564NB. This module is I2C controllable. At the time of poweron/reset, the start time received from ntp server. See: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/jf1vrr_station/19895596.html … clock, RTC, RTC-8564NB, RTC8564NB
Program for decoding radio-signals sent by a ETH-Window-Shutter-Contact, received with a RFM12B-module. The messages are sent to KNX via a freebus rs-interface. Details see http://mbed.org/users/charly/notebook/connecting-a-radio-window-shutter-contact-to-knx/ freebus, KNX, RFM12B