Dependencies of AVC_2012

A dependency is a program or library which this program uses. When you import this program, the dependencies are automatically imported.

This provides a basic Watchdog service, and includes a startup detection to determine if the reset was caused by the WD. watchdog
The official Mbed 2 C/C++ SDK provides the software platform and libraries to build your applications.
Simple library for scheduling events by polling time, that is, avoiding interrupts. polling, scheduling, timing
Implements a simple leaky integrator integer value filter, handy for fast, simple, ADC output filtering. Implemented as described here: [[http://ece124web.groups.et.byu.net/references/readings/Simple%20Software%20Lowpass%20Filter.pdf|Simple Software Lowpass Filter.pdf]] filter
Interface library for ST LSM303DLM 3-axis magnetometer/accelerometer compass, magnetometer
InterruptIn style DigitalIn debounced with callbacks for pin state change and pin state hold. debounce, DigitalIn, InterruptIn
Extends DigitalIn to DebounceIn to provide mechanical switch debouncing. debounce, DigitalIn
A class to control a model R/C servo, using a PwmOut PwmOut, Servo