David Smart

I'm fascinated with what can be done with electronics!

I've been professionally engaged with hardware and software design for real-time embedded devices since 1976, and I haven't lost any of the fascination. As a hobby, it is a bit more challenging in these modern times. Look at the complexity of the mbed module itself which is generally not producible by most on a hobby basis. But leveraging designs like the mbed enable the kind of hobby development and rapid prototyping that makes it possible to create solutions in the home laboratory.

David’s public repositories

  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    A simple CAN adapter that supports two channels of CAN on the mbed. Configurable speed, monitor mode, statistics and send/receive via the USB serial port to a PC (or terminal …

    bridge, CAN, canbus, Serial
    Last updated: 02 Nov 2011 2 622
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    This package contains a simple test of tests for various elements of the SmartBoard hardware, which is a simple baseboard designed for easy embedding. It is able to run both …

    hardware, SmartBoard, software, test
    Last updated: 04 Apr 2011 6 20
  • C12832

    Tiny change in the order of the initializers to eliminate compiler warning.

    Last updated: 02 Feb 2015 18 1
  • CalendarPage

    Create data structures for a calendar page view.

    Last updated: 22 Apr 2018 1 3
  • CANMessage2

    CANMessage is the primitive CAN message object. It supports creation, parsing, formatting of messages. Can be easily integrated with CANPort and CANQueue libraries.

    CAN, message
    Last updated: 23 Jan 2020 5 2
  • CANPort2

    CANPort provides a higher level interface to a CAN communication channel, and provides timestamping, servicing additional hardware interfaces (optional activity LED, CAN transceiver slope control)

    CAN, control, port, slope
    Last updated: 23 Jan 2020 4 2
  • CANQueue2

    CAN Queue mechanism permitting creation and management of CAN messages through a queueing

    CAN, Queue
    Last updated: 30 Aug 2019 1 0
  • CommandProcessor

    The CommandProcessor is the interface to install a run-time menu into an embedded system.

    CommandProcessor, Embedded, interactive, menu
    Last updated: 08 Nov 2012 18 158
  • EthernetInterface

    FUNCTIONAL Update from mbed v49: Add APIs for setName/getName so device is name addressible. Also APIs for getting link stats. Also, minor derivative to reduce compiler warnings and tag read-only …

    ethernet, ip, mbed
    Last updated: 03 Jul 2018 57 10
  • FATFileSystem

    Revised to support ability to have both SD and USB drives mounted.

    Last updated: 13 Apr 2018 13 13
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