tom’s public repositories

text-to-speech through DAC to audio amp/speaker
k64f watchdog example
MPU9250 test with polling or ISR
attempt at TSC on STM32L4. not working
performance test of FastCRC lib, compare hardware CRC with Arduino software CRC (crc16.h) and table driven implementation
Demo of CRC hardware on nucleo F446RE
Port of teensy 3 FastCRC library, uses hardware CRC
PPM library based on teensy 3 PulsePostion library. uses k64f FTM0 PWM pins.
PPM loopback test of PulsePosition library
CMT timer test based on teensy 3 IRremote lib. 50us interrupt or khz carrier
exercise SPI SerialFlash library on k64f with winbond flash
port of teensy SerialFlash library for SPI serial flash like winbond from
IR remote test, based on Arduino IRRemote lib.
SPI DMA based on teensy DmaSpi library
F446RE ADC internal channels test: VREF, VBAT, temp sensor
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