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when will mbed support new NXP cortex M7 MIMXRT1050-EVK evaluation board (600 mhz)?

I have received the new NXP MIMXRT1050 board from digikey. it's a 600 mhz cortex M7. When will mbed on-line compiler support this new evaluation board. NXP literature says MBED compliant.

Bump ... so would NXP provide mbed on-line compiler support or would that come from the MBED community? will it ever happen?

UPDATE: i see i can add the board to my mbed on-line compiler. I tried importing blinky. it compiled and i copied bin to the mbed-disk, but i can't see any blinking LED ??

UPDATE 2: Ugh, i have older MIMXRT1050-EVK board (bad silicon ), looks like i need to order IMXRT1050-EVKB

posted by tom dunigan 01 Nov 2018

I purchased newer EVKB version of board and that appears to work with MBED on-line compiler! yeah.

posted by tom dunigan 06 Nov 2018
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