Dependents of BMP180

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

BMP180 Digital pressure and temperature sensor example code.
/ MAXWSNENV_sensors Featured
Example program using the sensors on the MAXWSNENV board.
Test of the BMP180 sensor (Temperature and pression) with the nRF51822 platform. BMP180
BMP180 Digital temperature sensor, BLE, & human body infrared sensor
Nothing special,I just want to use this git-like tools
Cubesat V1.0 2016 Código mbed que envía datos
Temp and Pressure get on BMP180
/ MAXWSNENV_demo Featured
This version includes the BMP180 pressure/temperature/altitude sensor. The adquisition of these values were done through BLE over a Rasberry Pi.
project Internet of things 2016 UPMC : based on simple controls, it sends pression and temperature from BMP180
Temp and Humidity sensor device driver. DHT11, DHT22
This is a fork of a functional ILI9341 display with a functional Seeed touch screen library. ILI9341, Touchscreen
A quick and dirty demo of the Xadow M0 acceleromoeter values displayed on the Xadow OLED 0.96" (using the SSD1308 128x64 OLED Driver with I2C interface library). Xadow-M0, Xadow-OLED
Algoritmo funcionando com a biblioteca de inatividade utilizando dos dados do acelerômetro e a biblioteca de PeakSearch se utilizando dos dados filtrados pelo filtro Kalman.
Pressure sensor + Oled display SSD1306 32*128
Program to satellite, send variables of temperature, pressure, RH, GPS
library for IZU2022