A web server for monitoring and controlling a MakerBot Replicator over the USB host and ethernet.

Dependencies:   IAP NTPClient RTC mbed-rtos mbed Socket lwip-sys lwip BurstSPI

Fork of LPC1768_Mini-DK by Frank Vannieuwkerke

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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Arial12x12.h [code]
Arial24x23.h [code]
Arial28x28.h [code]
dbg.h [code]
EthernetInterface.cpp [code]
EthernetInterface.h [code]
font_big.h [code]
GraphicsDisplay.cpp [code]
GraphicsDisplay.h [code]
httpd.cpp [code]
httpd.h [code]
IUSBEnumerator.h [code]
lpc17_emac.c [code]LPC17 ethernet driver for LWIP
lpc17_emac.h [code]LPC17 ethernet driver header file for LWIP
lpc17xx_emac.h [code]Contains all macro definitions and function prototypes support for Ethernet MAC firmware library on LPC17xx
lpc_emac_config.h [code]PHY and EMAC configuration file
lpc_phy.h [code]Common PHY definitions used with all PHYs
lpc_phy_dp83848.c [code]DP83848C PHY status and control
lpc_phy_lan8720.c [code]LAN8720 PHY status and control
lwipopts_conf.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
main.h [code]
makerbot.cpp [code]
makerbot.h [code]
Mini_DK.h [code]
modifs.h [code]
MtxCircBuffer.h [code]
readline.cpp [code]
readline.h [code]
settings.cpp [code]
settings.h [code]
SimpleSocket.h [code]
SPI_TFT_ILI9320.cpp [code]
SPI_TFT_ILI9320.h [code]
Target.h [code]
telnetd.cpp [code]
telnetd.h [code]
TextDisplay.cpp [code]
TextDisplay.h [code]
Touch.cpp [code]
Touch.h [code]
USBDeviceConnected.cpp [code]
USBDeviceConnected.h [code]
USBEndpoint.cpp [code]
USBEndpoint.h [code]
USBHALHost.cpp [code]
USBHALHost.h [code]
USBHost.cpp [code]
USBHost.h [code]
USBHostConf.h [code]
USBHostHub.cpp [code]
USBHostHub.h [code]
USBHostSerial.cpp [code]
USBHostSerial.h [code]
USBHostTypes.h [code]