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Tool to change all interrupt priorities at once. Check the header file for supported mbed targets.
Tool to convert RGB values to the HSI colorspace
HSI, rgb
Port from Avnet's Internet Of Things full WiGo demo: SmartConfig - WebServer - Exosite - Android sensor Fusion App
Demo for GetTypeName library, using all defined types.
A tool that returns the variable type (char, uint8_t, ...)
An alternative to mbed-blinky using PDM dimming.
PDM library (Pulse Density Modulation)
LPC1768 Mini-DK board with 2.8" SPI TFT and SPI touch
Library for Mini-DK board
KL25Z driving an ILI9320 LCD board with touch panel (HY28A-LCDB SPI)
SPI Library for 240x320 TFT LCD with ILI9320, ILI9325 and ILI9328 chip
Library for ISL29125 - I2C RGB ambient light sensor
ISL29125 Ambient Light Sensor demo (KL25Z)
Sample code on how to pass an optional function pointer to a library and set a single pin to either InterruptIn or DigitalOut.
Library for NXP MCU I2C RGB LED DEMO board (6 x PCA9635)
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