Dependents of Motor

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

A simple robot that drives forward a set number of pulses at a set PWM speed. robot, rover
A more advanced robot that uses PID control on the motor speed to maintain a more accurate heading. robot, rover
An advanced robot that uses PID control on the motor speed, and an IMU for making accurate turns. robot, rover
PID control for robot with incremental encoder
this isn't working the servo just twitches
Operates two RC servos moving in windshield wiper-like fashion while simultaneously running a DC motor in forward and reverse in sequence with the servos.
PI Step test csv
Digital project
section B 57340500043 57340500046
base versi 1 motherboard prototype krai, PID
โปรแกรมของบอร์ด Motion
library baru
base hybrid board baru
base hybrid board baru
Motion controll board test program
tunninglf beta2
base ultimate + line following HYBRID
Untuk Kontrol Atas
progam hybrid. versi lawas
pid with encoder as its feedback
Kontrol Motor
Kurang Servo Flap
On Progress. Di baca pelan-pelan :'
base versi 1
Board Garudago >> Motor6 --> 1 || Motor2 --> 2 key board: A S --> control pwm1 K L --> control pwm2
Kodingan untuk sistem atas. Silahkan di edit dan dibuat seoptimal mungkin
Tambahan codingan servo, Cek pin servo terlebih dahulu
Tambahan codingan servo, cek pin servo terlebih dahulu, Motor bawah loyo
motor bawah oke, servo oke
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