Dependents of FastPWM

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Creates square-wave frequency output on pin p22. Custom frequency between 1Hz and 48 MHz. (LPC 1768) frequency, LPC1768, MHz, output
Firmware for single step driver with fast step (up to 340kHz) and simple gcode interpreter. CNC, Stepper
This library allows control of the TLC5940 PWM driver IC. It supports both normal operation and controlling multiplexed displays. led, multiplexing, pwm, tlc5940
OV7670 + 23LC1024 + Bluetooth
Shell Eco Fuelcell controller
Controls both heat and pump pressure based on a temperature probe and a scale- ie, it does temperature and flow profiling. Should work with any vibratory pump machine. espresso
Some code for a eavesdropper device.
Library for using the TLC5940 as a servo controller. Servo, tlc5940
This is a part of the Kinetiszer project.
Freq calculations using counters and interrupt
FastPWM test using NUCLEO_F411RE
Paints a rotating FabLab Munich logo on an oscilloscope screen fablabmuc
First Last / LDC1000 Featured
Library to work with the LDC1000 from Texas Instruments LDC1000
Ligth animation fore hall
aquarium light controller wannabe
Pinscape Controller version 1 fork. This is a fork to allow for ongoing bug fixes to the original controller version, from before the major changes for the expansion board project.
An input/output controller for virtual pinball machines, with plunger position tracking, accelerometer-based nudge sensing, button input encoding, and feedback device control.
Tested on Nucleo F411RE Based on OV7670 without FIFO, SCCB protocol rewritten. View on TFT ILI9341, possible capture picture on sd Around 3 frames per second Basic image treatment: zoom, …
example for using fast pwm fast, pwm
Dit is het passieve stuurprogramma van de handorthese behorend bij mijn bacheloropdracht. Groet, Menno Sytsma
Dit is het actieve stuurprogramma, behorend bij de bacheloropdracht van Menno Sytsma over de integratie van een Twisted string actuator in een handorthese
TLC5940 test program. Uses the Pinscape TLC5940 interface class in isolation to test the outputs directly. Configured for Pinscape Expansion Boards by default but can be changed to any other …
Adjust the brightness of a LED using potmeter input and FastPWM output
Testing I2C by dump content I2C, test
merged EMG and PID codes biorobotics
working version but stripped of most unnecessary code like print statements
emg threshold calibartie toegevoegd en wat namen van variabelen veranderd in betere namen biorobotics
not checked because compiler was down, but this should do everything!!!!
naam van een functie veranderd biorobotics
code die in het verslag komt biorobotics
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