David's dead reckoning code for the LVBots competition on March 6th. Uses the mbed LPC1768, DRV8835, QTR-3RC, and two DC motors with encoders.

Dependencies:   PololuEncoder Pacer mbed GeneralDebouncer

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for DeadReckoning


buttons.cpp [code]
buttons.h [code]
encoders.cpp [code]
encoders.h [code]
l3g.cpp [code]
l3g.h [code]
leds.cpp [code]
leds.h [code]
line_sensors.cpp [code]
line_sensors.h [code]
line_tracker.cpp [code]
line_tracker.h [code]
logger.cpp [code]
logger.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
main.h [code]
motors.cpp [code]
motors.h [code]
pc_serial.cpp [code]
pc_serial.h [code]
reckoner.cpp [code]
reckoner.h [code]
test.cpp [code]
test.h [code]
turn_sensor.cpp [code]
turn_sensor.h [code]