Dependents of PinDetect

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

The software I used to run my Sparkfun AVC 2011 entry, a 1:10 scale RC truck called \"Data Bus\". This is the final revision of the code as-run on April … avc, robomagellan
A simple robot with 2 motors and 2 encoders. Motor speed is set to 40 and PID controllers are use to attain that speed ICRS
Pushbutton counter demo with debounce and a callback using interrupts debounce, interrupts, pushbutton
Calculates azimuth and elevation of a satellite dish based on its longitude, latitude and selected satellite. GPS, MODGPS, Satellite
Code for autonomous ground vehicle, Data Bus, 3rd place winner in 2012 Sparkfun AVC. navigation, robomagellan, robot, Robotics
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quick and dirty POV for m3pi + better timings
a simple code for elevator Elevator
A talking braille-input text message device!! blind, braille, GSM, Serial, SMS, speakjet, talking
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I needed a device to time my sprinklers, because I had been forgetting to turn them off. So I made a very simple program to turn them off after 45 … sprinkler
Two pushbuttons with two callbacks
Dashboard firmware for FBR2012
Sample code for using the Xively peripheral board. LPC1768, xively
mp3 player hw gatech
VS1053 audio player with lcd and rotary encoder
example skeleton code for student lab project
serial comm example
Playing around with accelerometer and magnetometer on mbed KL46Z
ok joy center pin 14 pullup code had to be turned off - why?
Test for PinDetect library. Use constant "#define DIRECTINT" to compile two different versions of the program comparing the status registers related to the interrupt states when using the PinDetect Libraries …
Generate Morse code using console text input and output to LED and speaker.
Control for RenBuggy RenBuggy
This is a MBED music player.
Initial Flappy mbed Game
A Library to drive the RenBuggy_Servo. motor, pwm, RenBED, RenBuggy, Renishaw, Servo
Updated version of RenBuggy Servo that can accept instructions based on time or distance. RenBuggy
Swimate V2 without RTOS code
The codebase to run the *spark d-fuser controller TVOne
A program to automatically tune a guitar. Written by Justin Reidhead and Steven Swenson auto, automatic, guitar, tuner
This is a remake of tetris game for mbed. Please see detail here
Simon: A Memory Game
Connect Four Mbed Game
Telliskivi 2 2014