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Code for Technion Formula car sensors reader
LoRa Protocol Ricezione
LoRa Trasmissione
Demo for Semtech Lora SX1272MB2xAS 868MHz an NUCLEO-F401RE (STM Cortex M4) stm32
Fork of the Simple Ping-Pong demo application between two SX1272MB2xAs demo board. It's now a simple application demonstrating simple Rx (Receive) from a SX1272 boards.
We're now using the mbed-debug implementation to avoid conflicts debug
for capstone team
Ping Ping entre un Master et un slave LORA
This code is to establish communication between a transmitter and receivers formed by the combination of SX1272MB2DAS shield and FRDM kl25z board that uses Cortex M0+ architecture.
Programma Ping Pong LoRa
SX1272 Ping Pong Demo Application Lora, Semtech, SX1272, SX1272Lib, SX1272MB2xAS
SX1272 Ping Pong example for NRF51822
LoRa Ping Pong x Crescenzo
Polytech school project. RICM4 students, see for more information polytech, RICM4
Create a LoRa Modem from the SX1272PingPong example