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Information on how to use the STM32 Nucleo board with mbed

Getting Started with Nucleo NFC

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the ST Nucleo F411 board to write URI data to the M24SR64 NFC/RFID tag IC present on the Nucleo NFC Shield.

Note: If you have not used the ST Nucleo F411 board with mbed before, please see Preparing the STM32 Nucleo Board and Getting Started with mbed and the STM32F before proceeding with this tutorial.

First, attach the Nucleo NFC Shield to the ST Nucleo F411 board as shown below:

Next, connect the ST Nucleo F411 board to your PC using a USB cable.

To demonstrate writing the URI data, we have provided an mbed project called Nucleo_NFC_Example. Please go to the project homepage and import the project into your mbed compiler using the "Import this program" button in the Repository toolbox as shown below:

Click the “Import” button on the pop up window:

Open a terminal window to display information output during writing of the URI data. Please refer to Creating Console Output for help on setting up a terminal emulator.

Compile and load the image onto the F411 Nucleo board. The program should run and display information on the console as shown below:

You can use an NFC enabled phone or tablet to verify that the URI data has been successfully written to the M24SR.

To rerun the example, press and release the Reset button on the Nucleo F411 board (black button).

Further Information
For further information on devices and boards used in this tutorial please see:
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