Example using the support package for LPC4088 DisplayModule

Dependencies:   DMBasicGUI DMSupport

Example using a lot of the features in the software package for the LPC4088 Display Module.

This project can be selected as a template when creating a new project based on the LPC4088 Display Module.


This project works on the 4.3" display modules.

Some of the apps works on the 5" display modules. The ImageViewer and Slideshow app will show the images distorted as it does not take the resolution into consideration.


The USB Status app is disabled. The Image viewer looks for images in the root of SD cards, USB memory sticks or the file system on the QSPI flash. The Slideshow app expects to find a slideshow script in /mci/elec14/ea_logo.txt.

This is what it looks like on the 4.3" display:

/media/uploads/embeddedartists/everything_cap_000.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/everything_cap_001.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/everything_cap_003.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/everything_cap_004.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/everything_cap_006.png /media/uploads/embeddedartists/everything_cap_008.png