Program files for Example program for EVAL-AD7768-1

Dependencies:   platform_drivers

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for EVAL-AD7768-1


ad77681.c [code] Implementation of AD7768-1 Driver
ad77681.h [code] Header file of the AD7768-1 Driver
ad77681_data_capture.c [code] Data capture interface for AD7768-1 IIO application
ad77681_data_capture.h [code] Header for AD7768-1 data capture interfaces
ad77681_iio.c [code] Implementation of AD7768-1 IIO application interfaces
ad77681_iio.h [code] Header file of ad77681_iio
ad77681_regs.c [code] AD77681 registers map
ad77681_regs.h [code] Global declarations for ad77681_regs module
ad77681_user_config.c [code]
ad77681_user_config.h [code]
app_config.c [code] Application configurations module
app_config.h [code]
app_config_mbed.c [code] Application configurations module for Mbed platform
app_config_mbed.h [code]
main.c [code] Main interface for AD7768-1 IIO firmware application