Working with Libraries

Copy and paste no more!

On there is integrated support for code component sharing and reuse via Libraries . To add a library to your program, right click your program, then select Import Library:


Alternatively, if you see a library you want on the mbed site, click 'Import this library into a program':


To find out how to create your own libraries, see Writing a Library


  • A library can be imported into any program
  • If a new version of a library is published, anyone using the library in a program will be notified that a new version is available
  • Libraries can be imported, modified, then republished (forking)
  • If a program using the library is published, the library will be 'attached' to that program and will be automatically imported if anyone imports the program
  • You can see which published programs are using a library on the library's page
  • If public, libraries appear on the Code page and in the IDE import wizard
  • Like Programs, Libraries will autogenerate documentation if it is provided in the code (see Documenting a Library).

State diagrams

Creating a library


Modifying someone else's library


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