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  1. 3pi Projects

This page is all about the 3pi robot from Pololu


These robots are really very well engineered bits of kit, and just ripe for being extended - Pololu even do a prototyping expansion card. My idea was to make a bespoke mbed flavour expansion board, and add some cool mbed features.

As it happens the good people of Pololu have already written alternative firmware for the onboard AVR ATMgea328, which turns it into a slave, driven by commands over a serial port... the possibilities are endless.

I got in touch with Alex Louden who is already doing some cool mbed + 3pi projects, and was kind enough to share his work so far.

So the project we are undertaking here at mbde HQ is to expand the 3pi, into what we are referring to as the "m3pi". This will include some neat features, a PCB and some software an examples, which we'll write up as we go in the m3pi page.

3pi Projects

Feel free to write up your own 3pi experiments and projects here.

  • m3pi - The 3pi project we're doing here at mbed HQ

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