This documentation is for the Segundo Equipo version of the NetServices library.

This library is based on Donatien's source V1.04 (5 August 2010).

The following improvements and bug fixes are made:

#pragma diag_remark directives are added to the following files to turn compiler warnings into remarks (which are not normally displayed)

  • EthernetNetIf.cpp
  • lwipNetUdpSocket.cpp
  • igmp.c
  • mem.c
  • RPCHandler.cpp
  • MySQLClient.cpp
  • NTPClient.cpp


  • fixed bug that prevented Base64::encode from working with a string with embedded null characters
  • required for authentication in SMTPClient

EmailMessage.cpp / .h

eth_drv.cpp / .h

  • only creates Ethernet object if required (init may be called without previous call to eth_free)
  • add method to allow access to Ethernet object pointer (may be null if not initialised)

Ethernet* eth_interface();

EthernetNetIf.cpp / .h

  • implemented getHwAddr() method to return array containing hardware address
  • turn off debug (uncomment line 34 in .cpp if required), IP address can be printed instead using getIp() method and hardware address using getHwAddr()

IpAddr ethIp = eth.getIp();
printf("Connected ok, IP : %d.%d.%d.%d\n", ethIp[0], ethIp[1], ethIp[2], ethIp[3]);
const char* hwAddr = eth.getHwAddr();
printf("HW address : %02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x\n",
   hwAddr[0], hwAddr[1], hwAddr[2],
   hwAddr[3], hwAddr[4], hwAddr[5]);
  • optional hostname in DHCP constructor

// set hostname ready for DHCP
EthernetNetIf eth("mbedSE");

Import library

Public Member Functions

EthernetNetIf (const char *hostname=NULL)
Instantiates the Interface and register it against the stack, DHCP will be used.
EthernetNetIf ( IpAddr ip, IpAddr netmask, IpAddr gateway, IpAddr dns)
Instantiates the Interface and register it against the stack, DHCP will not be used.
EthernetErr setup (int timeout_ms=15000)
Brings the interface up.
const char * getHwAddr () const
Returns an array containing the hardware address.
const char * getHostname () const
Returns a pointer to the hostname set in the constructor.
IpAddr getIp () const
Returns the IP of the interface once it's connected.
  • allow setup to be called multiple times by deleting and recreating network objects if previously setup
    • dhcp structure creation is moved to EthernetNetIf (to avoid memory leak) and passed to netif using dhcp_set_struct()
    • designed to be used so that setup can be called until successful as in the code sample below
    • note that behaviour when calling setup after a previous successful call is undefined

#define HOSTNAME "mbedSE"
EthernetNetIf eth(HOSTNAME);
EthernetErr ethErr;
do {
    printf("Setting up...\n");
    ethErr = eth.setup();
    if (ethErr) printf("Timeout\n", ethErr);
} while (ethErr != ETH_OK);


  • added MEM_POSITION to ram_heap


  • added MEM_POSITION to memp
  • added MEM_POSITION to memp_bases
  • added MEM_POSITION to memp_memory


  • defined LWIP_NETIF_HOSTNAME in DHCP options section


MEM_POSITION becomes effective (due to mem.c and memp.c changes) and is defined as AHBSRAM1 (not AHBSRAM0)


  • deleted (not used)


  • disabled all options apart from NET_ETH and NET_LWIP_STACK


  • modified code (line 150) so that time is adjusted to limit offset range only if necessary (otherwise unconditional adjustment to end of July 2010 is undesirable since NTP could subsequently fail)

if ((int)time(NULL) < 1280000000) set_time( 1280000000 ); //End of July 2010... just there to limit offset range


  • modified cleanReq method to decode URLs (not just space and +) using url_decode already available in url.h

#include "url.h"
void RPCHandler::cleanReq(char* data)
    char* decoded = url_decode(data);
    strcpy(data, decoded);
  char* p;
  static const char* lGarbage[2] = {"%20", "+"};
  for(int i = 0; i < 2; i++)
    while( p = strstr(data, lGarbage[i]) )
      memset((void*) p, ' ', strlen(lGarbage[i]));

SMTPClient.cpp / .h


  • reset next_timeout pointer on initialise (allows EthernetNetIf::setup to be called more than once)

void sys_timeouts_init(void)
  next_timeout = NULL;

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